Services We Provide

Let’s make your work world work better. These are the services I provide clients.


This service, created for the first time for the CEO of a rapidly growing investment management firm, starts by clarifying the risks you and your team face. We begin with the risks you know about, and, through scenario and other analyses, discover others you may not have considered. We identify leading indicators of these changes and ways for you to monitor them, giving you advance warning that risks may be becoming real. And if you need it, we also prioritize the processes you need to have working best, should each situation come to pass.

The CEO for whom I first created this process had been worried about many things he couldn’t specify. And because he did not know clearly what they were, he couldn’t prepare his team and company for them, should they occur. The “Edge of Cliff Analysis,” as we called it, gave him the understanding, information, and processes that enabled him to lead his team through the steady stream of change they faced as the company continued to grow. The leadership team successfully used their “Edge of Cliff” analysis and tools for a number of years afterward.


We move from vision -> action plan -> implementation readiness for problems you want to solve or new opportunities you aren’t sure how to address.

We start with your vision of the outcome you want to create (and if you haven’t articulated your vision yet, we can begin there). We create a strategy, action plan, and prepare you for implementation. And depending on your needs for implementation support, I can also coach you and your team through the process of making the desired changes in your team or company.

Many clients and teams find that working through change in positive and sustainable ways is not familiar, or comfortable. As we work on this project, I help you develop the skills you’ll need to do this work again.


The executive coaching package helps you develop specific leadership skills as you address current challenges, and prepare for future ones. A coaching package also provides you a regular sounding board and fresh perspectives on your leadership role, challenges, and skills, as you continue to enhance them.

We tailor the Executive Coaching Package to address your goals, needs, and schedule. This package lasts for three or more months, which provides time to clarify your desired changes, then begin to make them, with practice time to strengthen and solidify your new perspectives and skills.


This service may be right for you if you need shorter-term, focused guidance and problem-solving for a specific process, problem, or opportunity. It can also be used for spot- or short-term coaching needs. Office Hours packages typically last for 5-8 weeks, though can run longer, as we discover what works best for you and your team.

Office hours can be a way to extend your leadership reach, helping to teach and coach people on your team as specific problems are solved, step by step, and they develop new skills in the process.

Leading Teams Through Uncertainty