Business operations that
work with ease -
and a high-performing team

Vision-driven focus to help you clear challenges and spot lucrative opportunities

Are you tired of playing the hero?

As a C-suite professional and ambitious leader, you and your team have so much to do. You fix problems on the fly, and meet customers’ most pressing needs wherever, whenever they arise. Getting the job done takes a lot of heroism, but you know you can’t bank on heroism to save the day every time.

It doesn’t have to be this isolating (does your team share or hide the truth from you?).

It doesn’t have to be this lonely.

And you don’t have to feel like you and others sometimes work at cross-purposes.

My solutions transform your work and team so you can enjoy the best of the game of business again


Creativity and analytical skills help you make changes and improvements that satisfy, and stand the test of time.


We take your big-picture vision and turn it into a detailed action plan for easier implementation.


Clients have included Apple,
Genentech, Wells Fargo, Pacific Bell, rapidly growing companies in biotech, investment management, and more.

You deserve to enjoy and be proud of the work you do, and your team does, too.

I understand. Seeing and solving problems is difficult from the inside.

My clients felt that way, too, before our work began.

They found that many outside consultants could observe, survey, and analyze.

But what those consultants were missing is that the solutions they suggested were rarely implemented. And if they were, the solutions didn’t survive the test of time.

My clients discovered I had the analytical chops and problem-solving skills they required. I also brought creativity they didn’t know they would value, but they valued it a lot.

Through our work, clients improved their businesses (and enjoyment of them). Because of it, they made change that lasts, and developed new skills in the process.

You can too.



We clarify the risks you know about, and others you don’t, and create an early warning system and priorities to help you be more prepared, should one of those risks come to pass.


We move from vision -> action plan -> implementation readiness for problems you want to solve or opportunities you want to prepare for.


Office hours focus on short-term, focused problem-solving projects. Office hours can also be set up for a regular time each week for longer-term, dedicated problem-solving for you or your team.


Whether there are skills you want to develop, longer-term problems or opportunities you need to address, or a regular sounding board you need me to be in order for you to work best, we create a package that works for you.

How It Works

Step 2

We discuss your situation and goals, and plan what would work best for you

Step 3

Our work gets underway to get the desired changes made

You can stop uncertainty,
overwhelm, and feeling alone

Instead, bring creative approaches, analytical skills, and vision-driven focus to work for you. Make change that counts, change that’s satisfying, change that lasts.

Leading Teams Through Uncertainty